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Travel Carefree with Our Transport and Travel Assistance 


Travelling with a disability can be challenging for patients or seniors and their families alike. But why depend on someone else to help you reach your appointments on time when you can travel independently?


At Nurseaidcare, we offer transport and travel assistance to individuals with a wide range of disabilities and age-related mobility issues. Now you can easily go anywhere you choose, without the inconvenience and with complete safety. Contact Nurseaidcare to schedule a pick-up and drop-off transport service.


Accessible vehicles designed for your comfort and safety 


At Nurseaidcare, our fleet of transport vehicles is equipped with everything you need to have a safe and comfortable journey. In our vehicles, you’ll find –


  • Wheelchair ramp
  • Hoist/lift
  • All-doors assist bars and grab handles
  • Assist straps
  • Swivel seats
  • Turny seats
  • Communication/intercom system to speak to the driver
  • …and more.


These accessories are designed to make your journey as safe and convenient for you, as possible. Our goal at Nurseaidcare is to help you move about as independently as you can, enjoying your freedom to live a life of dignity.


Equipped to take you on short and long-distance journeys


Our vehicles are perfect for both short-range and long-distance travel. With our transport specialists and fully-fledged vehicles at your disposal, you can now –


  • Attend doctor’s appointments.
  • Visit shops.
  • Meet friends.
  • Go to work.
  • Attend classes.
  • Get to any places of entertainment or refreshment.
  • Participate in family functions or local neighbourhood events.


 Trained and qualified staff at your service 


At Nurseaidcare, we value your comfort and convenience. We always have one of our highly-trained and experienced staff members in the vehicle, to help you board and deboard with ease. Our experts will ensure that you reach your appointments well in time. Plus, we can pick you up after your appointment, and transport you safely back home.


Easy to schedule and highly affordable 


One of the biggest advantages of choosing Nurseaidcare for transport is that you can always rest assured that you always have a mode of travel, just a call away. Say goodbye to long car hire wait times, complicated rental rules and inaccessible vehicles. Our fleet of disability-friendly cars is easy to book through our app and website. You can schedule pick-up times for both to and from your appointment.


Plus, our transport services are super affordable, even without your travel allowance from the NDIS. Our goal is to make your transport needs as affordable as we can, without compromising on the quality and safety of service we offer.


5 reasons to choose our transport and travel service


  • Canberra-wide transport assistance provided.
  • Door pick-up and drop-off facility available.
  • Daily and one-off transport services available.
  • Emergency, night-time travel services provided.
  • Customizable travel arrangements possible.


If this sounds good to you, contact our team at Nurseaidcare today and discuss your transport options with them. We are proud to help you lead an independent and stress-free life.