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Community Activities and Group-Based Activities

At NurseAid we promote group activities to help those with disabilities build social skills and develop trust in others. We encourage people with disabilities to teach and learn from one another. Besides developing life skills and meeting new people, our group-based activities also help those living with disabilities become more involved in the community. Through networking and building connections, people start feeling more confident about themselves and feel empowered to make important life decisions.

How do we help?

Socializing with others is a massive part of learning to live with a disability. People living with disabilities often experience social isolation and low social support, which often leads to them feeling lonely. Disability has also been associated with low well-being. However, developing social skills can help disabled people lead fuller lives, especially on the social front.

Social skills can be key to unlocking a person’s independence, making them more confident to build friendships and social networks. At NurseAid, we work closely with individuals to understand their personal challenges and the hurdles they face in meeting new people. We then work up a personalized plan with agreed goals to design a tailored approach to help them meet new people and make friends.

We support people living with disabilities to meet and spend time in a wide range of social activities. We also support a wide range of group activities to encourage people to take part in social, community, and recreational activities.

Group-based activities we offer

At NurseAid, we offer several group-based activities covered under the NDIS, including:

  • Art and craft

We offer assistance and support for participating in the centre or community-run arts and crafts classes.

  • Games and other engaging activities

We also offer the provision of enjoyable and engaging games and sports at our centre.

  • Music

If you are interested in taking music lessons or performances, we offer that too.

  • Cooking and baking

You can learn how to cook or bake under the supervision of our experienced staff.

  • Yoga

Yoga is known to be great for improving mobility in people with disabilities. We provide centre-based yoga exercises for enjoyment as well as to keep you active.

Our group-based activities may also include excursions and outings to swimming pools, community centres, hiking, movies, and more. All group activities are performed under the supervision of our experienced staff and have learning-based outcomes. If you are interested in enhancing your photography or multimedia skills, we also offer the provision of attending community or centre-based classes.

How it works

Speak with us to discuss your needs and requirements. NurseAid takes care to fully grasp your needs and begin working on a course of action. Our caregivers will then help you commence on a plan that helps meet your needs.