About Us

Who are we?

Nurseaidcare – Canberra’s Leading Disability Nursing Providers

Everyone deserves to have a chance to lead a life of independence and dignity. At Nurseaid Care Pty Ltd, we are a reputed nursing care provider for people with disabilities. Our certified and registered nurses have years of experience working with people with various types of disabilities. We also offer short and long-term assisted accommodation services in our centre. Our commitment to your care, coupled with our deep empathy and professionalism, makes us one of the prime choices in Canberra, for disability nursing hire. Contact us today to know more about the services we offer and how we can help you or a loved one.

We are an NDIS-approved care provider just a call away

At Nurseaidcare, we are approved and registered with the NDIS to offer disability nursing services across Canberra. The NDIS stands for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, which finances disability-related services in Australia. The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission makes rules that every disability nursing provider must adhere to when providing services. At Nurseaidcare, we honour the NDIS code of contact for patient care and are committed to providing industry benchmarked services.

Our team has implemented service processes that are aligned with the highest NDIS quality requirements. You can trust us to offer personalised nursing care and safe assisted transport services every time.



Are you or anyone you know disabled?
Not connected to the NDIS?


If you are aged under 65 years and have a permanent and significant disability, you may be eligible for NDIS services.

The NDIS is a government organisation that provides supports to people with disabilities to achieve their goals.


Our ethos at Nurseaidcare

At Nurseaidcare, we live by certain important values that allow us to discharge top-quality care to every single client and patient. We stand by the values of –

  • Integrity– We will discharge our duties with unwavering commitment and passion.
  • Independence – We are dedicated to helping our clients regain their independence and dignity of life.
  • Accountability– We uphold and meet all our promises to you, every time.
  • Diversity and inclusivity – We welcome clients and families across communities, treating everyone with respect and honouring their values.
  • Consistency– We will remain consistent in the premium quality nursing services we offer throughout the duration of our services.
  • Honesty & transparency– We are open and honest in our communication with you, empowering you with patient care information.
  • Safety– We remain conscious of who we hire and vet each nursing staff and other non-nursing staff with the greatest care.
  • Technology-forward– We make available to our clients the best-in-class disability care technology, to ensure their comfort and safety, always.
  • Affordability – We are committed to making available disability nursing and assisted transport services accessible to all, at highly affordable prices.

Keeping your holistic well-being a priority

At Nurseaidcare, we take our jobs as nursing providers very seriously. Our focus is on our client and their comfort and wellbeing.


When you hire us for disability nursing or choose our assisted accommodation service, we take great care to ensure your complete well-being. Our experts can help you plan and organize group events, attend community functions/festivals and remain physically and mentally engaged.


Our primary goal is your healing and autonomy. We have helped hundreds of clients in the past and we look forward to being of service to you too. Contact us today for more information about our disability nursing care.