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Maintain Employment Service

Living with a disability does not mean that you can’t work. If you want to have a job and be independent, NurseAid Care can help you. We offer employment assistance to help you find and secure a job and also retain it. Our goal is to help you find a job that is right for you and helps you achieve your life goals. Working at a job can help build confidence, give you a sense of belonging, and help you become more independent.

Disability Employment Services

Disability Employment Services helps people with disabilities find jobs and also receive assistance to prepare for them. NurseAid Care is a Disability Employment Service provider, supporting people with disabilities and assisting employers in supporting people with disabilities at the workplace.

Unfortunately, people with disabilities have a higher rate of unemployment than the rest of the population. Many disabled people are very well suited for many jobs, but they still do not find the right opportunities. There may be many factors that could hold someone back from employment, such as the lack of education or training. But disability must never be one such reason.

Disability Employment Services help people:

  • Manage health issues that make it harder for them to get a job
  • Identify their strengths and skills.
  • Develop skills that help disabled people get a job and become part of the workplace
  • Provide the necessary information and support to help people with disabilities succeed at their job.

How can NurseAid Care help?

NurseAid Care can help you get access to a whole range of employment benefits including an employment consultant. They can guide you in finding and securing the right job for you.

Your employment consultant can also:

  • Discuss your career goals
  • Help you prepare a resume
  • Help you highlight your skills and attributes that are more attractive to employers
  • Help you in looking for jobs and attending interviews

We also offer the following services:

  • Workplace assistance
  • School leaver employment support (SLES)
  • Evaluation and counselling related to employment
  • Support through the employment

At NurseAid Care, we can also provide personal care assistance that can help you hold on to a job. We can also provide work transition support and travel and transport assistance. We can also offer individual employment support for people who do not qualify for Disability Employment Services.

Our experienced and qualified team will help you through your journey of finding the right job. We can also help you identify and develop relevant career pathways. NurseAid Care also provides support in career planning and counselling. We strongly believe that people with disabilities can live a full and independent life with the right support and assistance.